Michael Lunts presents

Solo comedy song revues

By George! image


By George!
Michael casts a witty eye on the subject of Englishness in this intimate revue of comedy songs.
Alongside musical offerings from Noël Coward, Gilbert and Sullivan, Flanders and Swann and other masters of the comedy song, Michael includes some contributions to the genre from his own pen.

Roll Over Beethoven image

Roll Over Beethoven
The works of the great composers as you may never have heard them before!
From Alan Sherman’s ‘Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah’ to Tom Lehrer’s ‘Wienerschnitzel Waltz’, comedy song writers down the ages have played fast and loose with the rarefied world of classical music, finding humour in an art-form that can take itself rather seriously.
In ‘Roll Over Beethoven’, Michael brings together these two worlds by celebrating the work of those, from Flanders and Swann to Joyce Grenfell, from Dudley Moore to Gilbert and Sullivan, who have found plenty to laugh about in classical music.
For, as Mozart himself famously illustrated, a love of classical music is not incompatible with
a sense of humour.

Quirkish Delight image


Quirkish Delight
Michael serves up for your delectation a confection of deliciously witty comedy songs.
The entertainment is timeless, quintessential musical cabaret, drawing on the very finest comedy songs in the English language, from both sides of the Atlantic, from Tom Lehrer to Noël Coward, Cole Porter to Flanders and Swann, including some of Michael's own compositions.

Coward at Sea image


Coward at Sea
Come aboard the SS Madeira for this nautical musical comedy featuring, for the first time on stage, Noël Coward's 'P&O 1930', his magical evocation of the historic P&O route home to Britain from the Far East, when a voyage took weeks rather than hours and the passengers got up to all sorts of antics en route.

Tickling the Ivories image


Tickling the Ivories
Following on from his highly successful comedy song revues By George! and Quirkish Delight, Michael presents this potted 'history' of the comedy song, mining the archives from the 1870s to the 1970s, from Gilbert and Sullivan to Tom Lehrer, from Music Hall to Monty Python.

Flanders and Swann Revisited image


Flanders and Swann Revisited
Michael performs from the piano (and everywhere else!) an evening of musical comedy featuring the songs of Flanders and Swann and the poetic wit of Sir John Betjeman.

Michael Lunts Goes Christmas Crackers image


Michael Lunts Goes Christmas Crackers
A satirical look at the festive season in the company of Tom Lehrer, Jake Thackray, Paddy Roberts, Noël Coward and other classic exponents of the comedy song.

Post-Prandial Productions image

Post-Prandial Productions
Bespoke comedy song entertainment from the piano.
If you are organising an event, public or private, large or small, Michael can offer you tried and trusted live musical comedy tailored to the occasion.
Michael offers the perfect antidote, or complement, to the after-dinner speech: timeless, quintessential cabaret - one man, a bow tie, a piano, and some of the finest comedy songs in the English language. From Coward to Tom Lehrer, Flanders and Swann to Cole Porter, together with lesser-known gems and Michael's own contributions to the genre.