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Michael presents...


...his acclaimed quartet of one-man shows with classical music:


Winter in Majorca | The Last Ballade | Schubert - the Wanderer | A Meeting of Minds

Winter in Majorca imageThe Last Ballade imageSchubert - the WandererA Meeting of Minds image


... a further sextet of comedy song revues:


By George! | Quirkish Delight | Coward at Sea | Post-Prandial Productions | Tickling the Ivories | Flanders and Swann Revisited

By George! imageQuirkish Delight imageCoward at Sea imagePost-Prandial Productions imageTickling the IvoriesFlanders and Swann Revisited


...and, with cellist Melanie Dennerly,
a recreation of a musical soiree from 1912...


The Edwardian Cello

Edwardian Cello image



plus, for a few weeks only,
Michael goes Christmas Crackers!



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