Post-Prandial Productions

Post-Prandial Productions

Comedy Song entertainment from the piano

Post-Prandial Productions offer the perfect antidote, or complement, to the after-dinner speech: a series of polished, witty and sophisticated entertainments of comedy song performed by one of the UK's most experienced and widely-travelled actor-pianists. If you are organising an event, a dinner or a celebration, whether private or public, in a theatre, a banqueting hall or even a front room, Michael Lunts can offer tried and trusted live musical comedy tailored to the occasion. The entertainment is timeless, quintessential cabaret - one man, a bow tie, a piano, and some of the finest comedy songs in the English language. From Coward to Tom Lehrer, Flanders and Swann to Cole Porter, together with lesser-known gems and Michael's own contributions to the genre, Post-Prandial Productions will add a smile to any evening and that extra bit of 'fizz' to the after-dinner champagne!

"Michael Lunts demonstrates again what a superb pianist he is, and with apparently effortless ease combines this skill with faultless singing and delightful comic expressiveness... genuine wit and genial nostalgic sophistication."


"Thankyou so much for such an entertaining performance. It was so much enjoyed and, as ever, so appropriate for the occasion, leaving members to go home content and mellow."

The Secretary, National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London

Post Prandial Productions

Photos by Gerald Place

A veteran contributor to the National Liberal Club's St George's Day Dinners, Michael has performed for anniversaries, weddings, and 'special' birthdays as well as in theatres and at festivals the length and breadth of the country.

"Mr Lunts can switch characters with the twitch of an eyebrow while playing the piano early evening cocktail that evokes the genuine spirit of Noël Coward"

Michael Coveney DAILY MAIL
(Edinburgh Festival Review)


A CD of Michael's songs is available on request. You can also listen to a selection of them below, all in MP3 format:

1. Mad Dogs And Englishmen (3 min 12 sec, 3MB)
2. Marvellous Party (3 min 4 sec, 2.9MB)
3. And Her Mother Came Too (3 min 27 sec, 3.3 MB)
4. A Bar On The Piccola Marina (4 min 14 sec, 4.0 MB)