Coward at Sea

A nautical musical comedy based on Noël Coward’s “P&O 1930”*

Coward at Sea image


Coward at Sea image

Come aboard the SS Madeira for this nautical musical comedy featuring, for the first time on stage, Noel Coward's 'P&O 1930', his magical evocation of the historic P&O route home to Britain from the Far East, when a voyage took weeks rather than hours and the passengers got up to all sorts of antics en route. Actor, pianist and singer Michael Lunts brings to life this wonderfully eccentric cast of Coward characters and includes many of 'The Master's' best-loved songs, from 'Matelot' to 'Mad Dogs and Englishmen', from 'Nina' to 'Marvellous Party' and, of course, 'Sail Away'!

“Deliciously witty... a quintessentially English flavour superbly captured by this gifted performer”

“A charming and innovative piece... Michael Lunts has captured the quality of Coward, performing his many roles, while playing the piano and singing, completely in character”

“A rare gem evoking the genuine spirit of Coward”

Coward at Sea imageMichael is one of this country’s most experienced and widely travelled performers of ‘intimate revue’, having toured with many shows devised from the musical work of, among others, Noël Coward, Joyce Grenfell, Tom Lehrer and Flanders and Swann, both on his own and with former colleagues, Roger Leach and Susan Flannery. As a performer, pianist, writer, singer and all-round ‘oneman band’, Michael has a special affinity with Noël Coward. He's delighted to be able to bring this little-known jewel among The Master’s work to a wider audience, having previously toured the show to great acclaim with singer Susan Flannery under the title ‘Pass The Port’.

A CD of Michael's songs is available on request. You can also listen to a selection of them below, in MP3 format:

1. Mad Dogs And Englishmen (3 min 12 sec, 3MB)
2. Marvellous Party (3 min 4 sec, 2.9MB)
3. And Her Mother Came Too (3 min 27 sec, 3.3 MB)
4. A Bar On The Piccola Marina (4 min 14 sec, 4.0 MB)

For further information about this show, contact Michael at: or on 07773 741552.

*”P&O 1930 ©1957 NC Aventales AG
Published in NOËL COWARD COLLECTED VERSE by Methuen Drama.
Copyright agent: Alan Brodie Representation Ltd