The Edwardian Cello


Miss Melanie Dennerly, Violoncello


Mr. Michael Lunts at the Pianoforte

Miss Melanie Dennerly and Mr. Michael Lunts

Travel back in time to the Edwardian era in this recreation of a typical musical evening from 1912. The Titanic has recently sunk on her maiden voyage and you are invited to join the ‘Great Tottering Music Society’ which is hosting a concert in aid of the Titanic Relief Fund. With the Suffragettes making their voices heard throughout the land how appropriate, if still a little daring, to have a female cellist presenting the programme! Musically, though, this is still very much the age of Gilbert and Sullivan and of Edward Elgar. The cello is becoming a more popular solo instrument on the back of such pieces as Saint-Saëns’ ‘The Swan’ and Mendelssohn’s ‘Song without Words’, as well as Mr. Elgar’s own ‘Salut d’Amour’, all of which feature in this nostalgic and witty musical entertainment recreating a bygone age. Mr. Lunts even promises a few vocal items from his extensive repertoire of comic songs from the period.

If you would like to book ‘The Edwardian Cello’, or require further information, contact Michael Lunts on (01453) 511 909, or email on


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