This is an archive of Michael's earlier shows which are no longer available.

However, CDs for some of the shows are still available for purchase as indicated below.


"Intimate revues"


For nearly ten years Michael toured a highly-successful series of revues with Susan Flannery. This partnership came to an end in December 2008 following Susan's decision to emigrate to her native Australia with her husband. She is sadly missed by the many thousands of theatregoers throughout the UK who have enjoyed her performances in the shows below.


More Tea, Vicar?

More Tea, Vicar? - starring Susan Flannery and Michael Lunts. A frolic through Betjeman's England with the songs and satire of NoŽl Coward, Joyce Grenfell, Ivor Novello and other great English songsmiths.

"Deliciously witty...a quintessentially English flavour superbly captured by this gifted pair"
Newbury Festival Review

CDs still available (please contact Michael)


Pass the Port

Pass the Port - Susan and Michael present a witty and nostalgic musical journey from Shanghai to Southampton. Featuring NoŽl Coward's "P. & O. 1930" alongside songs by other masters (and mistresses!) of the period such as Ivor Novello, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Joyce Grenfell, and, of course, Coward himself.

"A rare gem evoking the genuine spirit of Coward"
Michael Coveney, Daily Mail

"A charming and innovative piece... the casting is nothing short of inspired"
Evening News (Edinburgh Festival Review)

CDs still available.

Wits' End

Wits' End - A cocktail of witty song and comic verse inspired by the world of the New Yorker magazine in its pre-war heyday. Songs by the Gershwins, Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hart and other great American songsmiths accompany some delicious 'bon mots' from the likes of Dorothy Parker, Ogden Nash, E.B. White and Phyllis McGinley.

"...a heady mix of verse and music brilliantly performed..."
Newbury Weekly News

A Wilde Affair

A Wilde Affair - A recent offering from Susan and Michael: a comedy with music. Miss Prism and Canon Chasuble - perhaps best known through Mr Wilde's comedy of manners The Importance of Being Ernest - are tonight holding a concert of their very own...

"A Wilde Affair is a lovely two-hander. The music is delightful and Lunts & Flannery perform with great aplomb. Lovers of Wilde's original will not be disappointed."
anberra Times, Australia

CDs still available.

Home Service Home Service - The very latest offering from Susan and Michael: The music and humour of the Second World War inspired and uplifted a whole generation during Britain’s darkest but finest hour. In Home Service, Susan and Michael draw on this rich vein of material evoking the hardships, humour and heroism of those, especially women, fighting the war on the Home Front.  

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