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Michael Lunts has been combining music, both popular and classical, with his passion for drama for just about as long as he can remember, working in regional and West End theatre as both actor and Musical Director. He has created a series of one-man classical shows, performed all over the world, on the lives of composers such as Chopin, Rachmaninov and Schubert. He has performed a repertoire of five ‘intimate revues’ with singer and actress Susan Flannery which toured widely over a ten-year period. He was also a long-time collaborator with actor Roger Leach in the comedy song duo Quirkish Delight.

Michael also presents various one-man comedy song evenings from the piano under his ‘umbrella’ company, ‘Post-Prandial Productions’. These include By George!’ - a musical revue exploring the quirks of the English, Coward at Sea, and a revival of Quirkish Delight. His latest show is Tickling the Ivories - a light-hearted "history" of the comedy song from Gilbert and Sullivan to Monty Python.

Michael also adds a further string to his bow with the creation and production of The Edwardian Cello - a recreation of a musical soiree from 1912 - with cellist Melanie Dennerly.

    Michael Lunts is a rare combination of accomplished writer, fine actor and talented pianist and, on stage, he both acts and performs the music.
Just one of the testimonials from literally hundreds of venues that have hosted performances of Michael Lunts' shows over the past decade; theatres and arts centres, stately homes and music societies, cruise liners and even embassy residences. From Canada to the Middle East, Germany to Australia and all over Britain and Ireland Michael's performances, combining drama and live music, have offered audiences a unique insight into the music and minds of these fascinating composers.

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